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ALIEN/UFO Invasion FAIL !!


Another After Effects Short Movie!

Directed and Edited by Diwantara (tara)

As young boy : Tara

As Alien : Gema Cita Andika (Tara's Brother)

My Special Effects Compilation


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We are Tara Arts. We are Magicians, Movie maker, Movie Editor, a Financial Consultants, Painter, and also a Singer! So, you are deffinetely on the right web!! Enjoy our website!! :D

Tara Arts Indie Movie Trailer :


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"CIBRE" : (C)ap (I)n (B)ottle (RE)volution


An imaginable Cap Thru Bottle. Created by Diwantara (Tara) from Tara Magic Shop

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Magic Coin Vanish Tutorial


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