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Tara Arts Movie : DIMENSION : The Series. Chapter 1


Chapter One of Our Dimension Series

My Special Effects Compilation

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NU GREEN TEA CONTEST - Bersihkan Dirimu


A video that I and my brother created during the Nu green Tea video contest. About how to clean yourself. The story is about a youngster who has a very awful day on his birthday. But all of his thoyught was wrong in the end :)

NU GREEN TEA CONTEST - Nu green Tea from Darth Ilul


 Second Video we created for the Nu green tea video contest. About a teenager who got a problem when his teacher suddenly call him and tell him that he must give the homework around 1 hour to the Jakarta city, eventhough now he is on Bandung city. When he doesn't know what to do, come Darth Ilul and give him Nu green tea. After that, just watch this video! :D

Indie Movie by Tara Arts : DIMENSION


Dalam proses. Segera beredar




Hanya video iseng yang kami shoot saat bulan puasa. :)

Tear-me-nator (Parody of Terminator)


Versi lucu dari film Terminator :)

Funniest The Dark Knight Spoof Ever !


Versi lucu dari film The Dark Knight. Bloopers dari scene dimana Joker datang menghancurkan pesta di apartemen Bruce Wayne.